Welcome, to tailoruae.com if you are looking for a skilled Tailor in quality, then we are perfect for you. We have been in the UAE for 15 years with the Tailoring service we make any kind of clothing for women.

For your personal use or for business, we can sew your clothes from our company. If you give us your choice of clothing from the market driven by experienced craftsman experienced masters, we will remove the clothes you like. Most of the designer garments are made by big showrooms Or some of the most expensive companies from Dubai are looking for any big designs Our clothes are sewn and our clothes are sold in the showrooms and we also have many customers who are always sewing clothes for personal use or for their families. We repair old clothes as well as new clothes.

We also have a pickup and delivery service.

Our Services

  • Leadis tailoring services
  • Urgent order same day delivery
  • private tailoring services
  • business tailoring services
  • Custome tailoring services
  • Western dresses tailoring services
  • Arabic dresses tailoring services
  • Cutalog degine tailoring services
  • Picture degine tailoring services
  • Drowning degine tailoring services
  • Bulk order tailoring services
  • Aplick hendwrok tailoring services

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